ESG Goals and Objectives

Align your company to short-, medium-, and strategic goals.

ESG Goals and Objectives

Align your company to short-, medium-, and strategic goals.

ESG goals and objectives help your company to align with short-, medium- and strategic goals. So your ESG or sustainability strategy becomes a success story.

Companies that have developed an ESG strategy plan to do so or update an existing one need a system to track all the goals and objectives defined in these strategies so that the implementation leads to a success story.

Getting clear on priorities is the first step. What are the goals that have the highest impact and will contribute most to the ESG strategy? Our services help to identify those goals and objectives.

A reliable system provides an overview of all factors that contribute to decision-making: not only are all goals and objectives systematically recorded but they also come with indicators. That makes it easy to measure how much they contribute to the overall success of your strategies. This step also includes the resources needed and the timeframes for each goal.

How this service will help you to achieve your ESG goals: 

A complete overview of all goals and objectives associated with your sustainability or ESG strategy.
The ability to identify those objectives that make the largest contribution to the success of your ESG strategy.
Reliable information on the resources required and the implementation time frames for each goal.
Use the target system as a management tool to monitor the achievement of targets.
Manage your ESG related Goals and Objectives

ESG Goals and Objectives

We're here to help you build that holistic system of goals and objectives.

The process, key results and benefits

When developing or updating their ESG or sustainability strategies, companies facing the challenge of systematically recording all related goals and managing the achievement of these goals. It is not easy to coordinate ESG and goals formulated in this context. Focusing on a few goals that nevertheless make a significant contribution to the success of the overall sustainability strategy is often the better approach.

To achieve that it is not enough to define a list of goals. Each goal needs measurable indicators (for example, the resources required to achieve it, the timeframe, the contribution of the goal to the overall strategy, etc.).

Doing so enables companies to prioritize individual goals. This transparency is helpful for stakeholder communication because it is easy to explain why some goals are initially postponed, while others are implemented with a higher priority.

Closely related is the question of which projects and initiatives need to be launched to ensure that the goals will be achieved. This aspect is also mapped and supplemented by the respective responsibilities for the projects and initiatives.

Key Results
  • A systematic overview of goals and objectives for all goals and objectives related to your ESG strategy. 
  • Selection criteria for goals and objectives depending on priorities and contributions to the sustainability strategy.
  • Management and effective goal tracking is supported by effective indicators.
Key Benefits
  • Improved stakeholder communication through transparent target selection and prioritisation.
  • Simplified assignment of competencies and responsibilities for target achievement.
  • A solid basis for updating the target system.

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