About NordESG

NordESG is an ESG advisory firm helping corporates develop, articulate and execute their sustainability strategies.

NordESG: Enabling ESG

NordESG is an ESG advisory firm helping corporates develop, articulate and execute their sustainability strategies, including sustainability performance reporting support under various ESG frameworks.

By doing so, we help businesses meet their disclosure compliance requirements like CSRD but also help them proactively communicate their strategy to other stakeholders like investors, customers and local communities in which they operate. In addition, we help investors navigate increasingly complex regulations like the SFDR and EU Taxonomy so they can make well-informed capital allocation decisions based on the sustainability performance of their potential investee companies. We offer our services in Europe, Asia and North America.

About NordESG

The Team of NordESG

Sustainability, ESG and providing high-quality consulting services is our passion. Yet, too often, sustainability is understood to be limited to the context of environmental topics. We follow a holistic approach by taking the “S” and “G” into the equation since we are well aware of the broader scope and concept of ESG.

With a core team having accumulated 50+ years of experience in sustainability, consulting and business transformation in various roles, we are well-situated to help corporations navigate their ESG landscape and help them to accelerate to their true north.

Offering the full bandwidth of ESG consulting, we can help corporations reduce their CO2 footprint by assisting them in transitioning into economically viable, greener options while balancing social and governance matters with the same focus.

Our team has experience working in different cultural backgrounds like Europe, Asia and North America.

Sebastian Dürr

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Sebastian Dürr is a sustainability professional with more than 20 years of work experience in decarbonisation through renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. He has designed and executed utility-scale and rooftop PV projects in several countries. In addition, he has worked with private and public sector entities including working with banks in financing renewable energy projects by conducting environmental impact assessment studies and resource assessments.

Sebastian is well-versed in the standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (including Scope 3 emissions and product lifecycle assessments). Climate risks and climate change are additional topics he worked on. He has conducted stakeholder engagements from small focus groups to large groups of more than 300 attendees.

Sebastian has also worked with German firms in their international expansion. That includes knowledge transfer and training of professionals in India in the areas of distributed solar and renewable technologies. His work in India also focused on the social aspects of sustainable development.

Sebastian holds Dipl.-Ing.(FH) from FH Heilbronn – University of Applied Sciences, Germany. He has certifications in Sustainable Finance from the University of Rotterdam and ESG Materiality from Wharton University.

Madhavan Nampoothiri

B.Eng MBA cand. PhD

Madhavan Nampoothiri is an Energy and Environment professional with nearly two decades of cross-functional management experience in clean energy and fossil fuel industries.

His work encompasses finance, technology and policy specific to energy and decarbonisation. Madhavan’s opinions have appeared in international media like New York Times and Bloomberg. In addition, he is regularly invited to speak on clean and renewable energy at international events like the European Heat Pump Summit, Solarpraxis, and Intersolar.

He has worked with entities like World Bank and Tata Group. He has deep insights into social development in rural India by reducing energy poverty through improved access to affordable and clean energy, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7.

Madhavan holds the ESG investing certificate from the CFA Institute and a Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate from the Global Association of Risk Professionals. He has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the USA. He has an MBA from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA and a bachelor of engineering from MS University, India. He is also a joint PhD candidate from the University of Passau and the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, in sustainable finance, including the ESG rating influence of the EU’s NFRD on the firm value of European firms.

ESG consulting - Our approach

Each client is unique, and every project is individual - and so are our ESG consulting services.


Client focus is most relevant to us. We focus on what matters most to our clients to create added value.


Our consulting services are highly customisable to match our clients’ needs exactly.


We take care of ESG so our clients can focus on what is most relevant to them: Running their company.


We provide frictionless consulting services to our clients: Ensuring a smooth process, communication and information delivery.


We are on the point since we focus on tailored instead of generic solutions. This approach expands across the entire project and strategies.


Sharing knowledge is essential when it comes to added value for our clients.

Why NordESG?

The firm’s founders worked on topics like decarbonisation and net zero long before these terms became popular. As a result, we combine deep domain knowledge with considerable consulting experience. Agility is a crucial asset of our consulting approach. Flexibility in terms of scope is another.

That also reflects in our understanding of ESG consulting: It is not about locking in customers to repeat orders by withholding information and knowledge. Instead, we focus on knowledge transfer and actively train our clients’ teams in building their internal capability.

ESG is transforming the corporate environment. We’re here to help our clients to discover, map and navigate their ESG landscape – enabling them to accelerate to their true north.

ESG is transforming the corporate environment. We're here to help our clients to discover, map and navigate their ESG landscape - enabling them to accelerate to their true north.
Sebastian DürrFounder and CEO NordESG