Peer Assessments

How does your ESG performance compare to your industry peers?

Peer Assessment - How your peers tackle ESG

How does your ESG performance compare to industry peers? How do your stakeholders perceive your ESG performance?

A peer assessment provides valuable insights into how your ESG performance compares to your industry peers. Insights that foster your decision-making process, helping you to identify ESG related opportunities and risks.

How this service will help you to achieve your ESG goals: 

Compare your ESG performance to industry peers.
Improve your ESG market perception.
Use the results for your stakeholder communication.
Identify areas where management action is required.
Understand how investors perceive your ESG performance and your ESG ratings.
Peer Assessments

Peer Assessment

Discover your strengths, opportunities and identify areas where management action is required.

The process, key results and benefits

How is your ESG performance perceived compared to your competitors? Our peer assessment services will answer that and provide even more insights.

We will guide you along the peer assessment process: We help you identifying peers for the comparison and deliver a report that covers the findings in a comprehensive form.

Our peer reviews combine various viewpoints. How does your ESG performance rank compared to your industry in general? How does it rank compared to selected peers? What differentiates the top performers?

Getting a differentiated overview of the results will enable you to identify opportunities and those areas where management action is required to improve your performance.

Key Results
  • A clear picture of how your ESG performance compares to the ESG performance of the industry you are in and to selected peers of your industry.
  • We indicate areas where adjustments or innovation can lead to an improvement of your ESG performance.
  • Develop a better understanding of ESG ratings and scores.
Key Benefits
  • Get insights into the ESG performance of your competitors.
  • Leverage the opportunity for forward-thinking stakeholder communication.
  • Understand better how investors perceive your ESG performance.

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